EdobergersmokingEdo Berger hails from Amsterdam. Edo eats everything and loves children. His favourite primary colours are red, yellow and blue.

Edo Berger won several Dutch comedy festivals before expanding to performing in English. He also does a weekly musical radio column and made a documentary about the comedian’s love for anecdotes about horrible comedy gigs, called Dictator of Comedy.

Other stuff:

Edo worked as a journalist and presenter for several youth shows on radio and TV. For the Dutch radio station 3FM he made items in Latvia and South Africa and for the public broadcaster NCRV he kept a videoblog of his experiences as a volunteer in an orphanage in Nepal.

Edo won two comedy festivals, the Rabo Camuz Kleinkunstfestival in 2008 and the Griffioen Zuidplein Cabaretfestival in 2010. Together with fellow comedian Jasper Smit he has a musical column on current affairs for radio station Q-Music.

 Edo’s full English show ‘Everybody Has One’:

So you’re convinced of your opinion. Namelijk that people shouldn’t be so convinced of their opinions. And you think the modern world has a problem. Namely all those people who say the modern world has a problem. Isn’t then keeping your mouth the best form of protest?

As Dirty Harry said: ‘Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one’.

In Everybody Has One Edo Berger comes to the starting line armed with stone cold facts, he experiments with the audience and feeds you an endless gulp of jokes to wash away the bitter truth.


‘Everybody Has One’  is a co-production with Theater RAST.
Image: Froukje Klop